Decorating A College Apartment. Italian Dining Room Decor.

Decorating A College Apartment

decorating a college apartment

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2009 - 03 - 07 - Church Hill Apartment

2009 - 03 - 07 - Church Hill Apartment

Elizabeth in her then newly decorated apartment in the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond.

Elizabeth is a rolling stone. Since she left home 8 years ago, she has lived in a college dorm in Richmond; with Richmond roommates who ran Mexican wrestling matches in the back yard before the authorities shut them down; with a friend in Salamanca, Spain for a semester abroad; back to RIchmond to an apartment with four Saudi guys as roommates; a solo apartment in the Fan neighborhood of Richmond; a very brief period back home with us in Arlington; to a school in Costa Rica to be certified as an ESL teacher; to Leon, Nicaragua as an English teacher (in an open-air apartment with bats as nightly visitors & where she got into the local cockfighting crew); to various apartments with and without roommates in the Church Hill neighborhood of Richmond (including the apartment shown above), and -- currently -- an apartment in the Benton Park neighborhood of St. Louis. With side trips along the way driving across the USA and back (alone!), Portugal, France, Great Britain, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Colombia.

Makes me tired just thinking about it. I hate to move and hope to die in the house we live in now.

Giant TV

Giant TV

Joe is a big football fan and insisted he would not go into the football season this year without a giant flatscreen television set. I realized if I let him have his way, he won't be able to say no if I wanted to turn the entire wall around the tv into a giant storage locker for all my crafting supplies.

The artwork on the left is my senior thesis piece from college where I got a fine art degree in crafts. It is made entirely from perler beads which I covered in a giant cross stitch of two jackalopes.

The woodgrain floor pillow is from an Etsy alchemy request, and was made for me by

decorating a college apartment

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